VIC Wingless Sprints Super Series Rd 4
Formula 500s
Junior Formula 500s
Classic Sedans & Rods
(Nominations at the bottom)
You can pre purchase your tickets online here -
EFTPOS available at the gates / Cash required for Canteens and Bar.
Event program will be available on our website on Saturday morning.
Tickets available at the gate -
Adult $25 / Concession $20 / Child 12-16yrs $10 / Under 12 Free
Gates open 4pm / Action from 5pm
This event wont be live streamed but Clay-Per-View will be covering all the action with highlights and the full meeting available to view after the event at
Wingless Sprints Super Series
Nominations : 28
V2 Todd Hobson
VX50 Luke Weel
V7 Nicholas Ryan
VX58 Jake Warren
S10 William Caruso
V60 Steven Hateley
V10 Will Scott
VX65 Tyler O'Leary
V14 Ricky Bailey
VX69 Craig Plater
S17 Rory Button
V73 Gavin Fitzpatrick
V20 Thomas McDonald
V76 Kelvin Johnson
V31 Mick Rigby
S81 Kahn Aston
VX31 Mark Hutchins
S86 Kirby Hillyer
S35 Mitchell Broome
V87 Marcus Fraser
VX41 Aaron Kennett
VX92 Brayden McKay
V41 Tyler Bish
V95 Lachie Cook
VX44 Glen Harris
V97 Blake Walsh
VX46 Michael McDonald
VX99 Hayden Clifford
Junior Formula 500s
Nominations : 12
V69 Evie Bell
V79 Maddox Gibbs
R-V7 Hugo Chivell
V11 Dakota Luckett
V64 Caleb Langdon
V43 Chevette Muir
V60 Koby Oshannassy
V53 Zac Stevens
V20 Rusty Ponting
V30 Aston Rodriguez
V38 Ky Young
V78 Rowdy Andreatta
Senior Formula 500s
Nominations: 16
V21 Lauren Bowen
V54 Brooke Buckingham
V46 Chad Bell
V48 Ryan Okeefe
V27 Jack Nolan
S54 Ryan Harry
V24 Tyler Maggs
V47 Tim Rankin
V98 Jett Hart
S8 Micheal Wise
V77 Jake Hose
V88 Ben McLeod
V5 Jackson Van Ginneken
S29 Brad Turnbull
S73 Brendan Zadow
V26 Bradley Malone
SA44 Josh Munn
Classic Hot Rods and Stock Cars
Paul & Hayley Angel Hot Rods R23
Andrew West Limited Sportsman V27
Mark Dycer Hot Rod MG 11
Noel Sharrock Limited Sportsman 6
Jeff Day Hot Rods AS7
James Juri Hot Rod 26
Leon Crafter Hot Rod MG17
Alan Howden Hot Rod W20
Dennis Bald Stock Car MG19
Phil Williams Hot Rod W54
Ron Taylor Stock Car97
Ian Neal Hot Rod 61
Saloons and Super Sedans
Rick Skuse Saloon SA300
Ron Smith Saloon P8
John Lock Saloon MG3
John Benson Saloon 34
Trevor Crafter Saloon 28
John McIntosh Saloon HO19
Alex Miller Super Sedan HO9
Damien Murley Super Sedan 18
Wally Hucker Super Sedan 22
Garry Pahl Saloon R5
Austin Corcoran Saloon 14